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With a faint hum, Alfie broke through the surface of the water with very little noise, his view being of one of the support pillars of the pier. He wasn't usually supposed to be anywhere near the surface, but he'd been getting a touch more rebellious as of late when it came to deciding just what was safe. And his curiosity was also a key factor. 

Hearing the sound of something thunking against atop the pier, the merchild craned his head, staying under said pier and remaining out of sight. Having been walking for a bit of time, you had decided to sit down at the edge of the dock and swing your feet for just a moments rest. However, after just a moment you feel something tugging at your left shoe. Glancing down, you're startled to see your shoe abruptly tugged off your foot by a pair of small hands. Quickly moving to look over the edge, you see what looks to be a child, concealed from the waist down, holding your shoe and studying it intensely, as if you yourself weren't even present. 
(( Feel free to use an AU version of your character if you'd like. ))

Allan pursed his lips in concentration, crouching low in the tall grass and surrounding shrubbery. He narrowed his eyes a touch, fixated on the animal in front of him. With a faint grunt, he pushed off with his left foot and sprinted after the creature. It was a rabbit with brown spots and not nearly fast enough to outrun the young vampire. Soon enough, the child had its plush neck between his teeth as he bit down sharply, emitting an almost slurping sound as he began to drink from this snack.

The boy had been trying to learn how to hunt on his own, and since he still hadn't managed the task of shadow walking, it was more of a challenge for him than it was for the adults.  But he was still inhumanly fast.

Around his lips shined a ruby red, which he quickly rubbed against the back of his hand. His pale orange shirt was fairly stained from his brief meal, Allan being quite the messy eater in general. This was something he was use to and gave very little thought towards as he stood from where he'd been sitting in the grass, enjoying his fill. Now that he wasn't feeling so peckish, he could continue practicing his running. He really wanted to master shadow-walking, although that was a talent some adults couldn't even fully learn.
Closing his eyes, he simply tried to feel the movements around him. Wind rustling leaves, critters scurrying by, weak branches bending and swaying.  Keeping his eyes closed, he rushed forward, feet crunching over the leaves and twigs. From a human's viewpoint, Allan was practically blurring. But from a vampire standpoint, he was just a child trying to run. Getting frustrated after about thirty minutes, he decided he would spend only ten more minutes running around before calling it quits for the day.

As luck would have it, his next attempt at shadow-walking sent him barrelling directly into you, accidently getting a bit of blood from his shirt and onto your clothing. "Ugh..." A bit dazed, the boy blinked owlishly for a few seconds. How do you react to being crashed into by this odd looking wild child?

(( Yeah...Most of my rps are probably just him running into people. I'm uncreative like that... ))


Alfred Jones
United States
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The ages range from Infantile to ten. That may be changed later on. Just be aware that these versions are not late teen/adults.


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